Pricipal Services

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Fuel & Oil

Yachtty has special agreements with oil companies and fuel stations in order to provide the best quality with the best price, supporting the yachts, super & mega-yachts travelling over the world.


Yachtty has the best provisioning service for your yacht. Make sure you get the supplies you need on time. Wines, gourmet food for the owners, guests and crew throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia and Pacific.

Cleaning & Laundry

Yachtty has the best quality in laundry, confident dry cleaning and Interior cleaning for yachting. Pickup and delivery service in 24/7 available.

Transfer & Rent

Yachtty ensures that your trip gets off to the best possible start by providing luxury transfers and chauffeur services for your owners & guests from/to the yacht.

Repair & Chandlery

Yachtty offers a full range of repairs for yachts, super-yachts & mega-yachts. Refits, servicing, maintenance, engineering & spare parts.


When the owners or guests arrive, they will expect fresh flowers throughout the yacht. Yachtty provides the best flowers over the world. There are a lot of choices.


Whether you’re planning to sail in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia or the Pacific for a few days, several weeks or for the whole season. Yachtty can book a mooring for your yacht due to our strong relationship with marinas around the world.

Health & Wellness

Yachtty takes care of the health of your owners, your guest and your crew. Incidents occur everyday on yachts and we are going to be there to give you the right support.


Yachtty provides you with a full range of the highest level of services: Luxury cars rental, security, travel tickets, guided tours, and more. So that, you only have think about enjoying your happiness.

Clearance & Logistics

Yachtty handles all formalities involving arrivals & departures, the harbor-master, immigration and customs. We can also organize Schengen and temporary visas. We will look after all documentation on your arrival and departure.

General Request

When you are travelling, Yachtty gives you the support for the movement of your spares, or equipments with extreme care to collect & to delivery it at your convenience.