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It is a pleasure to present you Yachttyapp, a nautical services “Hub”, that’s locate your company, your services and products as “Recommended and best local” in the palm of the hand of thousands of captains, officers and owners, being a “tap” from them. Being Yachtty, your company will be integrated into our virtual store that will provide added value, connectivity, digitalization and visibility on social networks.

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Our platform

Connect with your clients

Yachttyapp is organized into service categories. Yachtty, in its new development, offers hosting on a new platform that will bring your company to the palm of the hand of thousands of new potential clients. To do this, Yachtty offers you the “Request” profile:

With “Request” the user will be able to contact you directly on your Email, Whatsapp and telephone.

Likewise, if you already have your own virtual store, we can integrate it with our “Market-Link” in our App so that the user can buy directly from it.

Our requirements

If you are interested to join Yachtty, contact us and we will inform you about the annual investment hosting cost, which will include:

-Your Company Logo on category selection button.

- Search and positioning labels.

- Direct contact by email, Whatsapp and telephone number to you.

- Company description.

- Support of our social networks with periodic publications and links to your media.

- GPS location to find your company.

Join us

At Yachtty we would be proud to have, from the beginning, your support and collaboration.

Making it easier! Connecting Business! Get Digitized with Yachtty!

Contact us by email at by phone at +34615874722 or through the following formulary

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